jueves, junio 17, 2004

(quanta) double:binary {at:one:ment}

(quanta) double:binary {at:one:ment}
by Richard Paez

one black eye,
one white eye
both focusing
on one vision
(straining to see
in opposite
yet parallel

how to put this in perspective?
my two-dimensional plane
by two vanishing-points
the three-dimensional
of my double:binary DNA

{what was it that Buddha said
at the moment of enlightenment?}


{how to learn from example
from within this womb?}

one inky eye strains to see light
one milky eye strains to see dark
(yet somehow i know)
the one-vision of enlightenment
can only be seen
through the third-eye
of at:one:ment

{i must reach into the shadows}

{in:form and in:spire}
{confront my inner devils}
{become my inner angels}
{devour the god within}

{in:form and in:spire}
{let go of definitions}
{become in:vulnerable}
{in my im:mortality}

{in:form and in:spire}
{look within}
{reach into the shadows}
{peel away the scabs of culture and knowledge : reveal the new skin underneath : my new, translucent and permeable skin : unlock the code : uncurl the double:binary : free myself from definitions : let go of definitions : give in to the contractions : give birth to my new self : give birth to my new, translucent self : my new and permeable self : and learn to let go : let go : let go : let go : let go : let go : let go}