lunes, mayo 18, 2009

- Hurh...
- Hurh...
- Hold me !
- Oh great, Dead of the Living Night. Night of the Living Dead
- ...Whatever. What am I doing? Think
- What's your name? Tell me!
- Please?
- Juh... Jacko...
- So cold... Nuhhhhnobody caresssss...
- Hold me...
- Hold you?
- You Poor Bastard. All right
- You're freezing cold and you smell like a rotten abattoir, mate. Must be hell being Dead
- Nuhhnot so cold... Whuwarm... Thank... you...
- Ahahhh--

martes, mayo 12, 2009

6 cada 0 horas por 4 días y... Usted sabe a que me refiero... No es que el universo vaya a ser suyo pero se siente algo así. Ligeramente.

lunes, mayo 11, 2009

for a memory

"Let's dispel the foggy curtain.
Let's stand in the light, not in the shadow.
When will we stop playing these games?
You can cry, sometimes
When something breaks inside
Tell me about the moments of fear
It's much easier to be afraid together."
Me gusta cuando las personas y las no personas se crean un tema... De pronto existen, y es derrotado el vacío, aunque sea de manera momentánea e ilusoria...